Charts Are Difficult to Swipe-up (Vertical Scroll) for Mobile Browser After

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I am using Vaadin Charts 3.0.0 and I encountered some issue where the charts doesn’t respond to swipe-up, intended to scroll the browser vertically, after zooming in if you touch the area without the graphs (the red lines in my screen shot). Please see the attached screen shot.

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I haven’t been able to try it myself, but have you tried using different options for pinchType, zoomType and panning?

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I have not seen examples of the pinchType and panning in the internet. Can you provide som ecode snippet on their usages?

In regard to my question, if you looked at the screenshot I provided, after zooming in in a chart and, say you wanted to scroll vertically to see other charts, if you happen to touch the white portion of the chart (the ones with red lines in my screenshot), it will not allow you to scroll/pan vertically.

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pinchType is the same as zooming but for multitouch gesture, I thought maybe removing zoomType and setting pinchType would work but it doesn’t seem to work.
panning allows to move in the zoomed chart without changing zoom level.
disabling zoom and pinch completely seem to fix the swiping issue
you can create a ticket in

Thanks for the answer, Guillermo!