Charts 3 - dividing chart into sections

Let’s say I have a chart showing numeric data points over time. I want to section things off such that everything before this month has one title with a nice little line to end the section. Then this month has it’s own title and a line to end it’s setion. Finally the future dates. How would I create such sections in a chart? Below is an example:

![sectioned chart]

If I cannot get the titles, then even the lines to section off things would help. We would need the lines to go from the lowest number to the highest number on the first and last days of the month. First and last days of the month and making a straight line between the two should not be that bad - that is 2 separate data series for 2 separate lines. But to find the lowest and highest number could be a pain in large data sets with multiple data series. So I am hoping there is another way.

For now, I am using PlotOptionLine with 4 data points, but I don’t know how to add some sort of label to each “section”. Better ideas would be appreciated.

If I could make a box mostly independent of the data, that might help. Basically, I want it from the bottom to the top of the chart, like my image above. I only really know the start date and end date of the boxed section. What I found is that if I choose the biggest data points in the chart (for instance, 1600 in the above chart ), it messes up other sections of the chart, making them way to small. So the only way to get around that issue was to use data points right around my box and sort of add a fudge factor to the high and the low value to show the other data points in that date range in a nice and neat way when they occur inside the box. The problem is that in some cases, that “high” and “low” is so small the box cannot be seen, thus asking the question again.

Charts with sections would still be ideal, but even a better sized box would help. Any ideas would be appreciated. If there is a better place to ask this, that would also be appreciated.