Chart with HTML/Javascript

Hey together,
I try to display a chart, which is written in Javascript.

For that I wrote a HTML file which works fine if you run it over the explorer, the chart is displayed right.
I tried to display it in Vaadin in three different ways. In every way, I get the same result. It is displayed a empty area in which the chart should be. This area I defined over . So that works fine.

In option 1, I created an own chart (see attached file “Java Layout”) and declare my .js file with the annotation @Javascript (see attached file “Java Chart”). So I filled element.innerHTML with my html file. (see attached files “javascript file” and “html file”)

In option 2, I created a CustomLayout and added the HTML code over the InputStream. (see attached file “Java Layout”)
In option 3, I added the HTML code to a Label with the ContentMode HTML. (see attached file “Java Layout”)

All three ways bring the same sobering result.

Can anybody help me or give me an advice, what I could change.