Chart bug report: Configuration Title & SubTitle

I’m having to report a bug in the forum becouse the ticket system is rejecting my issue with “Submission rejected as potential spam”

com.vaadin.addon.charts.model.Configuration Title & SubTitle

Both setTitle & setSubTitle cause the Title & SubTitle objects in Configuration to be recreated.

The approach causes Title & SubTitle objects to lose their Styles.

The implementation approach forces the developer to use Title & SubTitle text in a specific sequence by requiring the text be set first, and then the style operations after words.

a. The approach is confusing.

b. Styling and setting text should be independent rather then coupled.

c. Developers should be allowed to create a Chart that is styled, and then apply values/text.

Suggest fix:
a. The setTitle/setSubTitle should be a delegate method to the actual Title text configuration.getTitle().setText(caption);

b. Or, remove the string methods that set Title & SubTitle text.