Character encoding

New user here and I am trying to figure out how the character encoding is

Right now the automatic browser-detection of the encoding does not work and I have to
manually force the browser to use UTF8 or all the Swedish characters become garbled.

Any help would be appreciated.


Does this apply to the Vaadin application itself or e.g. some content downloaded through it?
With which browser can you reproduce the issue?
Are you using Vaadin in a servlet or a portlet?
Are you using a customized kickstart page instead of one generated by Vaadin?
Which web server are you using, and might it be configured to overwrite your HTML headers?

Normally, a Vaadin servlet application indicates “utf-8” as the charset in AbstractApplicationServlet.writeAjaxPageHtmlHeader()/setAjaxPageHeaders() as well as indicating UTF-8 as the character set for any JSON messages from the server to the browser, which contain the UI contents. Therefore, this should work unless you have somehow overridden the functionality.

As for the portlet case, the character set is normally a page-wide setting and Vaadin does not touch it for the main page, but does explicitly indicate it uses UTF-8 for the JSON messages from the server to the browser.

Thank you for the suggestions but it seems like
the problem went away by itself.
Since eclipse’s control over tomcat seems somewhat buggy and this server
is used for all my projects I am inclined to think the server was the culprit.
In any case, I turned on my computer today and the problem did not exist any more.

If it occurs again I shall do a bit of digging.

just for reference, it happened in all browsers, tomcat 6 in eclipse, servlet, no custom kickstart
and in the actual Application.

kindly Bofr