Changing tables dynamic load "row info" when scrolling.

Hey guys,

I want to change info that is shown, when you scroll table with scroll bar ( when data dissappears, and popup with row numbers is show (e.g. 1022 - 1045) ). Is this changeable? It would be wery helpfull for me if i could show not the row, but one of the fields in that row ( date of record ). Is that possible?

Thx in advance…


Currently, the indicator in updated by the client side method VScrollTable.announceScrollPosition(), which is private and depends on a private field, so there is no easy way to override the behavior.

Also, the row numbers are known by the client but contents of the rows are not due to lazy loading, so without other changes, you would not be able to use field contents there before the loading is finished and the table contents are ready to be shown.