Changing label h1 style

I have customized css theme where I am changed h1 style in label, but in web site there is no any effect.
All others changes in css work well.

This is my code:

viewNameDataSource.setValue("<h1>" + viewName + "</h1>")

viewNameDataSource is datasource for my label

this is in css file:

.v-label-h1 {
	color: #8f7239;

and this is what I can see in firebug:

<div style="float: left; margin-left: 0px;">
<div class="v-label" style="width: 1057px;">
<h1>View 1</h1>

The css should be

.v-label h1 {
    color: #8f7239;


As I found out recently, this is not the vaadin-way to create a h1. That would be:

Label label = new Label();

That procudes a normal label with class “h1” instead of a h1-tags.

See ticket