changing disable widget appearance

Hi, this CaloSilva, from Brasil.
Please, somebody can help me change disable widget appearance? a textfield and a NativeSelect.

Customize the theme (css) for .v-disabled to change the appearance of disabled components. To only do it to a specific component, give that component a style name and theme “.mycomponentstylename .v-disabled”

To be exact, correct selector is


And it doesn’t work in IE6.

Ah yes. without the space.

Why doesn’t it work in IE6? Quite standard CSS.

Well, it’s IE6. Do you need more explanation :stuck_out_tongue:

Gentlemen, debtor for the answers.
He worked for textField.
He did not work for NativeSelect.
Some idea? Thanks

Use a brower tool like Chrome Inspector, Firefox Firebug or Internet Explorer Developer Tools to find out how the HTML changes when a component gets disabled, and modify it with css.

Please, Jens, I am not good in css. Or better, I do not know css. But I want to learn! You would have one link with a tutorial one teaching to useChrome Inspector, Firefox Firebug or Internet Explorer Developer Tools? I need to decide to change the appearance of this incapacitated element.

Hello Carlos,

try it with firebug. It is available for Firefox and Chrome. Refer to the documentation:

There’s also available an introducing video at

The Chrome Developer Tools are very similiar to it.

Greetings and good luck,

Gentlemen, thanks a lot! I followed the advice and I looked the correct classroom to modify. I obtained!
And if some colleague to need, I made thus:

border: thin solid #0000ff;
color: #00ff00;
font-size: 14px;
filter: 0;

that is, I removed the filter. It was thus:
filter: alpha(opacity=30);
was thus:
filter: 0;

One more time, debtor and a Happy New Year for all we.

Good that you got it fixed.

To use the built in Inspector of Chrome, just right click anywhere on a web page and select the last option, “Inspect Element”.