change usermenu after login

Hi all,

i’m currently programming a platform with Vaadin.
On this platform i’m using a Split Panel to have a user menu on the left side and another view on the right view, which changes with the help of a navigator.

Now i’m searching for the best way to change the user menu on the left side, while a user is logged in.

Is it possible to change it via the navigator or should i build another user menu which should replace the “standard” user menu, if someone is logged in? And how would be the “best” way to do so?

Thanks for your help.


this will by little bit tricky for you to try. I dont know which Vaadin you use so… Vaadin is “Swing like” so i recommend you to register loginLiteners (you have to implements this solution). Your menu will be one of listener and changes will be you “process” method. Process method is invoked everytime user is logged in. The trick is in threads. By Vaadin default you shouldnt be able to change your UI from different thread from the creating one. So try this solution with nothing else. If it will not work you have to use

By the way you can look at
source code
this example
when “edit” button changing UI too.

Good luck :wink:

PS: I dont think so that “standart” menu have some advantages in this case…