Change style only for one element

Hello, everyone!
I have a question:
Is it possible to use theme1 for the hole application, but theme2 for some components of it?
Right now i use runo theme in my project:

public void init(){

But panels in this theme don’t suites me. They have big borders.
Ive attached 3 images to show what i don’t like in my current application:
panel_b - is how it looks at the button of the screen,
panel_t -at the top
panel_m - in the middle, where i have split and tabsheet.
So, i want to use panels with reindeer theme.
I’ve tried configure it like this:


but it looks like it does not work =(
So, can somebody please, give me an advice?
PS: sorry if this question is not for this branch. i’m not sure where to put it, to this one branch or to the UI components branch.

You can’t mix two themes with just a addStyleName. You have to create a theme that extends runo and then copy in the css of the panels from reindeer.

Another option is that you use panel.addStyleName(Runo.PANEL_LIGHT); which removes the borders and background. Then you can add a second style name to it which you implement yourself, adding the borders and background that you want.

Jens Jansson, thank you very much for the answer,


helped me :grin: