Change/customize html code of components

Hey guys,

Is it possible to fully customize a components html code? The CustomLayout seems to be the right way, but i think, i only can build a frame around the default vaadin components and not fully customize its html code?

So the default vaadin link component looks something like this:


[/code]And i want to change this to something like this [code] [/code]The idea behind this is to use an already existing css file for some components and not to write new or change the old styles. I've already tried to use the base/legacy-styles.css as it has the simplest css styles to override but its pretty hard to achieve a good result anyway. And i also have to modify the existing css.

Is this kind of stuff possible in vaadin?

Thank you

I think i answered my own question by looking closely at the widget feature. So i just create a custom widget with html code i need…