Change chart title when using drilldown

I’m looking for a way to change chart title when using drilldown,and found that there have DrilldownCallback,but there have a problem that:

(1) I can change the chart title when click on the series by listening DrillDownEvent
(2) Can’t change back chart title,because there have no DrillUpEvent in Vaadin chart,and can’t capture the click of DrillUp Button.

I found there had drillup event in highchart,but it seemed that vaadin chart do not implement it.

Highchart sample using highchart drillup event :

Anyone have a solution for that?



Regarding the title change, right now changing chart title requires a chart redraw:

chart.getConfiguration().setTitle("Browser market share, April, 2011");

Regarding the events, right now there’s no support for drillup event. You can create a ticket in ​
to request it.