Change browser icon doesn't work in IE


I replaced the browser icon in my application by using another
file in my theme.

In Firefox 4 and Chrome 11 the new icon is shown. But
in IE7: in this case you can only see a small Internet Explorer icon. If I open webpages in IE (e.g. Vaadin) the webpage icons are displayed correctly.

Is anyone able to reproduce this effect? Maybe a Vaadin bug?

Thanks, Thorsten

See e.g.
. My first guess is that the file is not a true ICO file - other browsers can handle different file types there but IE cannot. Also caches can be the issue.


good hint but in the meantime I realized that IE also displays my
file correctly if I build a new Vaadin project from scratch. So my icon is a true icon.

There must be something wrong in my application. Currently I have no idea what it could be…