chameleon theme with mods in Liferay

I am trying to use and customize a chameleon theme in a Liferay portlet ; my goal is a tree with checkboxes where checkbox is just css image that changes based on whether node/leaf is selected or not

  1. I don’t understand why there are both:

a) liferay*/tomcat*/webapps/ROOT/html/VAADIN/themes


b) liferay*/tomcat*/webapps/ROOT/html/VAADIN/ControlPanel/themes

I can do tree with checkboxes by modifying1b ‘reindeer’ directly but that is not good for forward compatibilty after upgrade of Vaadin in Liferay ; so I want this in portlet css

  1. what i want is to have tree checkbox style referenced in a my-chameleon theme in 1a as described at: