Chameleon Theme, read-only ListSelect, selected item not readable

I am using ChameleonTheme on the latest Vaadin release, and just noted that when a ListSelect is read-only (and thus the disabled look), the highlighted (selected) values cannot be seen through the highlight bar. I’ve looked at the CSS, but not sure what is causing it… Any idea on how to make it so the selected item’s value can be seen through the highlight bar?

Is there no solution to this issue? Seems odd a disabled look would hide the contents rather than have them appear subdued (grayed out).

I don’t use the chameleon theme but I think the text is not hidden but actually displayed with the same color as the background.
You will need some CSS to change the color but as I don’t know the chameleon theme I can not give you the right selector (bu should be easy to find with firebug or web inspector)

I agree, but Chameleon Theme is a built-in now, so it seems that any such fix should come from Vaadin.

I did note, though, that it varies a lot across browsers, with Safari and Opera looking the “correct.” Firefox is okay, but doesn’t look different from non-readonly. IE doesn’t even show the value selected and is not much better than Chrome’s hide it all.

I was just trying to help you fix your problem quickly.

But of course it is a bug and you need to open a ticket for it (after searching if there isn’t any already) but as the Vaadin team is busy on Vaadin 7 they might not have time to fix this kind of bug for some time.

Understood, Mathias. If I could have found the issue within a reasonable amount of time, I’d have posted the CSS fixes I used. But sadly I couldn’t see the issue.

I did open
ticket 8322
for this.

I’m waiting for ticket solution.

Is there any solution yet? I’m waiting too.