Chameleon Theme .PSD file available?


we plan on building a customized theme based on Chameleon with additional element styles which cannot be covered by the theme editor. So I wondered if there is a .psd file of Chameleon
like it exists for Reindeer
. Even if it is unorganized or incomplete it would be very helpful!


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the interest, but I’m sorry to report that no such .psd file exists. It never did.

I kinda designed the theme in code along the way when building the color editor, adjusting all the color calculations and bits and pieces there. The only real thing that I actually did in Photoshop was the different gradient images that are used in the theme. I designed the button gradients in Photoshop, but I think I didn’t save any of the files for later use.

So sadly I can’t help you more than this :frowning: