Chameleon Theme on IE9?

I don’t know what’s the problem is, but Chameleon theme is not working correctly on IE9.
It seems that CSS is not loading properly, while other browsers don’t cause any problem.
Is anybody experiencing the same problem and does possibly have any resolution?

Thanks in advance.

Does the Chameleon theme demo work (
)? I tried, and IE9 only shows the blank sidebar, and nothing else. Switching to compatibility view fixes the problem. Don’t know if it’s a problem in the theme or Vaadin itself.

Official support for IE9 is coming to Vaadin 6.6 (due very soon) - have you tested the theme with that branch?

Now awaited 6.6.0 is out, and the theme demo running at still doesn’t work with IE9. And I also tried to update my project and retried on IE9 and still doesn’t work properly. I’ll try to dig into this problem in more detail and then file a bug somewhere else.

Could you be more precise about which theme demo and how it does not work for you.

For me, I did not see any problems with IE9 at least in the Reindeer theme demo.

Maybe you have some compatibility mode settings that force it into compatibility mode always or for local domains, or something like that?


The Chameleon theme demo ( is still running on an old Vaadin version so it won’t work on IE9 at least until we get around to update it. It’s not clear to me if it just a demo problem or a problem with the actual theme. Track for updates on this.

I’m using Chameleon theme in my personal project, and with update to 6.6.0 release, it doesn’t work yet. The symptom is like CSS is not loaded at all displaying nothing on screen. But as I wrote above, I plan to spend a little more time later to find out the cause of the problem myself:


I’m using the chameleon-blue theme as base for all of our applications.
Vaadin is used in version 6.6.2 and chameleon 1.0.2.
@import “…/chameleon/styles.css”;
@import “…/chameleon-blue/styles.css”;

The IE9 still shows a blank screen, it only works in compatibility mode. I can not find out where the problem is. Has someone else this situation? Is it a known issue?
Thanks for the help!


I hope you got this resolved earlier, but as a general update: the Chameleon theme (but probably not the variants like “blue” that can be created with the editor) will come with Vaadin 6.7 and should work fine with IE9. I don’t see any problems like you describe with the Vaadin 6.7 version in our automated tests, it works as well as on other modern browsers.