Chameleon - labels [problem] - vaadin 6.4.4


I try to use chameleon theme (with vaadin 6.4.4) and it looks, styles for label are ignored.
(e.g. ‘dateCreated.addStyleName(“tiny”);’ does not work)

For Links styles work correctly

Should i declared style for label in different way or it is a bug?



From the HTML snippet you posted earlier, it looks like you’re setting the caption of the label and not the value. All the label styles affect only value of the label, not the caption (two different strings that can be rendered using the same component).


And also, by looking at the HTML snippet, you’re setting a stylename “v-label-tiny” for the component, but in your Java snippet you’ve written addStyleName(“tiny”) (the HTML snippet implies you would’ve written addStyleName(“v-label-tiny”)).

I suggest you always use the theme constants the specific theme provides. So in this case, you should write addStyleName(ChameleonTheme.LABEL_TINY);


You’re right. It was my mistake, the copy-paste from button’s caption property,

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