Chameleon-Blue Theme now showing Wht Line in Table Selection

I use the Chameleon-Blue theme and all my tables I use the ChameleonTheme.TABLE_STRIPED style.

Now after updating to 6.7.6 my table selections show a thin white line through the selected rows. When the rows are three lines high the thin white line is about half way and when the row is two lines high the white line is about two thirds.

I redownloaded a fresh Chameleon-Blue theme and put in my VAADIN/themes folder. The Chameleon theme is embedded in the 6.7.6 Jar. I recompiled also.

Anything else for me to try? Attached is an example screen shot.


The CSS rule .v-table tr.v-selected has a background picture to make the gradient. This picture was designed to be only for tables having rows containing one line.
Your table has multiple lines per row, so that picture repeats.

To fix it you can try adding to your css (untested) :

.v-table tr.v-selected{
background-repeat: repeat-x;

To force the gradient not to repeat vertically.

That did it!

Thanks again :smiley: