Chaging the size of debug window

The debug window looks like to be fixed size window, and it becomes difficult to read the text at times, is there any param/setting to make it resizable (or just bigger)? If not, are there any compile-time options?

I have firebug installed and I do understand that i can see the logs there, but i just loved the debug window.

vaadin version : 6.4.1
browser: FFX 3.6.8/ IE 7

Hi! You can resize the window by holding the shift key while dragging with mouse the title of the debug window.

Oh! thanks a lot. And i actually observed (that this info was there in the debug window as well) only after i Shift-Dragged it to bigger size after reading your reply. My bad.

(Drag=move, shift-drag=resize, doubleclick=min/max)