cell hyperlink

I am currently using polymer iron-list and am in the process of converting content to a vaadin-grid. everything is working well except I cannot add the hyperlink to cell content. I have tried the rederer from the related sample below, but without any results. I assume this is a basic functionality, but am unable to find anything definitive in documentation. Any assistance would ve appreciated. Thanks

<iron-icon icon$=“[[iconForItem(item)]

]: [[item.FormattedAddress]

Median home Value: $ [[item.Zhvi]

Year over Year HPI: [[item.YoY]

example used: grid.columns[0]
.renderer = function(cell) { cell.element.innerHTML = “”; };
link to insert:
Median home Value: $ [[item.Zhvi]

Hi Joe,

Unfortunately built-in support for declarative column templates is indeed lacking from vaadin-grid. Until that changes, you can utilize Polymer’s Templatizer yourself and combine it with vaadin-grid like in the following simplified example: