CDI, Tomca 7, Vaadin

Dear Forum,

I spent nearly the whole day trying to get working vaadin-cdi 1.0.0.rc1, Vaadin 7.3.4 and TC 7.0 57 and WELD 2.2.5.Final.

I run the development in Eclipse Luna using embedded TomCat on Windows. First of all I could see, that the cdi-plugin was unable to lookup the BeanManager via JNDI. That is for good reason: WELD’s ManagerObjectFactory checks the path of jars to contain “/WEB-INF/classes” while the environment in Windows contains other slashes "". Overwriting the ManagerObjectFactory helps to resolve this, but other issues occur.

That is why I would be happy to know, if someone already uses Vaadin in this constellation and might have some configuration hints.