CDI (JSR 299) Add-on Request

This is a request to the Vaadin team to add or enable CDI in the next major Vaadin version. As at now, trying to make CDI work in Vaadin is very time-consuming and fruitless.

I am currently converting a program written in Flex and SwizFramework to Vaadin. In Flex, models are loosely coupled and use publish-subscribe design, IoC and dynamic mediation, but in Vaadin, CDI is a heavy chore and doesn’t work for me at all.

After many days trying, I have had to give up and grudgingly changed the program design to tightly couple models. This simply increases complexity, which I am not happy about, but the decision has been made to use Vaadin with or without CDI functionalities.

The future is with loose coupling, CDI, IoC and dynamic mediation. And I hope that Vaadin – a forward looking – incorporates these frameworks and features in their next major upgrade.


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