Cards with lazy loading #lit

Basically how to do this but in Lit?

Cards with lazy loading #lit

sorry, what framework/language do you want the semantics of #Unknown in?

Lit components used in a hybrid Java/TS Vaadin app

There is some part of the question missing here.

I was referring to this topic from <#1009201939092865084> :
The question is: How to create a layout with cards that supports lazy loading in Lit? vaadin-virtual-list is useful only for list-like data in a “single column” ~ whereas it still eager fetches but recycles the UI. vaadin-grid could also be used for lazy loading, probably it also supports virtual rendering. However, by “cards” I mean something like what Simon linked : Basically, overflowing responsive horizontal layout, that has cards of same size but displays different number of cards based on space available (or eventually shrinks the cards maybe) - but lazy loaded and/or virtually rendered.

There is no such component yet. What then would be the best way to implement it, extending virtual list or grid? Those sound natural choices if the scrolling logic is similar. It a bit depends on the features needed. Another alternative is just progressively loading layout, which loads next page of data when scrolled to to bottom.