Can't display data in Table properly

Hi, I’m currently working on a Vaadin based project and I’m facing some problems displaying data in a table.

I’m having some problems with the columns’ width ( too small to display ALL the data), so I tried to put the table in a layout and this layout in a panel in order to make scrollbars appears;

The panel is fullSize, so is the layout. Regarding the table, I just need it to be 100% height.

But still, it’s not working well, even though scrollbars are displayed, I can’t scroll “enough” to see all the data. I think that
the column width is set to the size of the longest string visible and unfortunately, when I scroll vertically, there are longer

Any idea ? :slight_smile:

Still no answers after 6 days … ?


Can you please share the screenshot, I am not able to get what you are trying to say. I would try to help you resolving this

“A picture speaks more than thousand words”