Cannot undeploy vaadin app in Tomcat

When i tried to undeploy an existing vaadin app in Tomcat via tomcat manager gui, it’s shown a message:

Unable to delete [C:\Programme\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\vaadin-webapp]
. Thecontinued presence of this file may cause problems.

Then I’ve took a look at
folder, and realized that package
still exist and it being used by JVM.
So, how i can config vaadin-webapp to shutdown the vaadin-6.8.1.jar in order to undeploy?

I have been having this same problem too for a while now too. It is always the same 3 .jars in \webapps\Report_Viewer\WEB-INF\lib

  • vaadin-client-compiled-7.1.15.jar
  • vaadin-server-7.1.15.jar
  • vaadin-themes-7.1.15.jar

My temp work around is having to shutdown Tomcat but that is not a good permanent solution. Thus I second, what duc nguyen said, how do we shutdown vaadin when no one is using it?

We set
on our Tomcat.

I’ll try that out but I bet there has to be something else.