Cannot type in combo boxes

Hi Guys,

For some reason, I’m having issue typing into a combo box to “search” the items.

In the v12 bakery demo, I can’t type to select baker/barista etc. It literally won’t let me type in the field.
But for some reason I can search products fine when I edit an order.

Super wierd. I can’t seem to see any acessors for turning this on and off.

Problem happens on both Firefox and Chrome.


This sounded so interesting that I decided to try the Bakery with latest Vaadin 12.0.3 release, and the same issue seems to happen with me also. So clearly this a bug. But is it bug in combo box or Bakery app, I cannot yet say.

12.0.4 seems to have fixed the ComboBox bug.

(edit) I spoke too soon, still some issues with the ComboBox, going back to 12.0.2.

I did also try updating to 12.0.4 and had the same issues. I’ll try 12.0.2.

Also worth noting, in this same project I’m having issues typing into an AmountField - but I can type in an AmountField within the Bakery Demo.

So is there a setting to allow/disallow input other than setting disabled?
… or is this looking like a bug rather than a configuration issue?

Can confirm the combo box issue comes good using 12.0.2 and does not work on 12.0.3 and 12.0.4 for me.