Cannot set focus on ComboBox inside Grid

I create Grid with some columns like that:


Then i sometime update my ListDataProvider, attached to Grid. That shows some lines from static data list.
When i add new line, that receives from datalist, adds to ListDataProvider and invokes grid.getDataProvider().refreshAll();
Then i set focus on component at new line:


At first time it works fine and focus sets on ComboBox in new line.
After that i delete line from grid and invoke grid.getDataProvider().refreshAll();
Then i again add new line (with same instances of ComboBox components) and invoke

houseComboBox.focus(); The focus is not set.

It looks like only never hided before ComboBox components can process focus() method. If it hides and then show again then focus cannot be set from server.

If i set focus on component placed without Grid as wrapper - it correctly sets focus from server.
But if it inside Grid then it didn’t set focus.

Example: Grid with some components (ComboBox). I add ValueChangeListener on every ComboBox. On event fired it must set focus on next ComboBox. Also i add FocusListener and BlurListener on every ComboBox and it writes to console what happens.
So, when i select some element in first ComboBox it writes that first ComboBox lost focus, but didn’t write that second ComboBox take focus. It writes that second Combo takes focus only when i click mouse on second ComboBox.

I think i found my problem. There is an focus lost occured if line with focused component moves to another position.
I attach simple example. It is an Vaadin Servlet with 2-columns Grid. For focus testing i added static trigger with button. Open servlet in two browsers, select some values in ComboBoxes and play with buttons. On press button in first page it must react on second page and mix two lines. Periodically check focus on second page. On some button press line with focused ComboBox will move to another place and lost focus. (5.21 KB)

I added some code to test focus that setting from server.
On every ComboBox.onFocus i remeber last focused component and try to set focus on it before


Focus didn’t set correctly.

But if i invoke focus set after refreshAll() then focus set right. (5.3 KB)