Cannot Navigate to Child of RouterLayout

Hello, all.

I’m getting started with Vaadin 10 and using the Bakery application as a guide. I have several “external” views (PolymerTemplates that simply use the @Route(“xyz”) annotation), and these views work just fine.

Once a user logs into the application, I want to route them to an “internal” page. I have a MainView class that closely resembles the one from Bakery, and my internal page is annotated as such:

@Route(value = “test”, layout = MainView.class)

My main-view.html matches main-view.html from Bakery. However, I’m using my own navigation menu.

When I run:


I see the following errors in the browser’s console (see attachment vaadin_console_output.png).

In Eclipse, I see (see attachment vaadin_server_output.png).

Thank you in advance for your help. I’m just not sure how my application differs from Bakery at this point…



This turned out to be a bad path in one of the tags in one of my .html files.

Fixed the import. Issue resolved.