Cannot install Eclipse Plugin


I am using 64bit eclipse classic for Mac OS X. I tried following your instructions as found here:

I am having no luck, as Eclipse cannot find the repository. See screen capture below. Thanks for any help.


Also, I tried the 32 bit version of Eclipse and got the same error.


Could this be as simple as the extra content.xml on the url? You should use only as the update url. Eclipse will automatically fetch a couple of xml-files from this root-url.



Thanks for the help. The URL that I used for the updater did not have content.xml at the end. Eclipse added that itself.

So did you get it working? For me the site works fine.

If it does not work for you, try if adding the Vaadin plugins via Eclipse Marketplace works (Help → Eclipse Marketplace…).

You could even install the plugin from a
standalone package
if all else fails (probably because of a firewall or proxy server that blocks or modifies some requests).