Cannot download server license key

Hi, I work with a Hilla Pro license. Production builds are done on Google Cloud Build, so there is no dedicated build server. My license key expired (build-frontend failed: Offline key has expired). I want to download a new server license key because I do not have a fixed machine ID for an offline license key. Clicking on the button “Download server license key” on just shows the top loading progress for a few seconds but there is no file downloaded. Anyone else having this problem and maybe a solution?

So you have an active subscription, but the license file itself has expired?

Please send an email to so we can check out what’s happening

It doesn’t seem like a known issue. Which browser and OS are you using?

Actually, the team just acknowledged that there is an issue with the offline key generation. They will investigate on Monday.

@noble-alpaca , the issue with downloading the server license key from should now be fixed. Can you please try again?