Cannot create new Vaadin project in eclipse


I’m fairly new to Vaadin and now decided to installl it on my eclipse Juno. I followed the
and installed IvyDE plugin before installing Vaadin.

Now when I’m trying to create new Vaadin -project (File>new>other…) there is no Vaadin project options available. I can only create Vaadin Composite. I tried to reinstall both Ivy and Vaadin but it didn’t solve the problem. Is there anything I can do?

The Vaadin Eclipse feature consists internally of two plug-ins, and here it looks like only one of them (the visual editor) has correctly registered new project wizards. I have never seen this before.

Please check the Error Log in Eclipse (Window → Show View… → Error Log) for any possibly relevant problems. Also, verify in Help → About → (Vaadin icon) → Plug-in Details… that two plugins are installed for the Vaadin feature shown on the previous page.

You could also try to restart Eclipse with the option “-clean” (warning: this might reset some workspace settings).