Cannot Access 'com.vaadin.shared.Registration'


I’m workin on Vaadin Spring Application for a while. I assume this is kinda of a bug, but while working on linux ubuntu 16.04( which is latest as of this moment) and IntelliJ Idea 2017.1 build. I’m getting error highlighting while compiling java project on windows computer ( tried on multiple windows machines, and result is the same). However, project compiles successfully and runs flawlessly, but it would be great to know what caused it such of a problem.

Project details
java 8
spring-boot-vaadin-2.0 ( i assume it’s Vaadin 8 version)

Code that reproduces issue:

private Button button = new Button(“click me”);
button.addClickListener(this::resultAction); // “Cannot access ‘com.vaadin.shared.Registration’”

//somewhere down the code
private void resultAction(Button.ClickEvent event) {
//what to do

P.S just for clearification - this source code is OK under Linux + IntelliJIdea 2017.1, however same configuration on windows shows error( and it’s not critical). So, who i should trust?

P.S downgrading to previous spring-vaadin versions might resolve this issue, but this is not an option for me :confused: