Cancel Loading Spinner on Empty TabSheet

My application’s user interface starts out with an empty tabsheet. Only as the
adds tabs to the tabsheet does it get any tabs. So when my application loads, the tabsheet shows a loading spinner (because it is given the style “v-tabsheet-loading”), but because my tabsheet has no content, the loading spinner continues to spin even though there is no content waiting to be loaded. If the user later adds a tab to the tabsheet, the loading spinner goes away and stays away even if all the tabs are subsequently closed.

I would like to programmatically disable or cancel the loading spinner on this tabsheet. How can I do that? I did not find anything in the TabSheet’s API that would let me do that. I tried removing the styles “loading” and “v-tabsheet-loading” to no avail (because removing a Vaadin style from a component is not allowed). I also tried adding and removing a bogus tab to/from the tabsheet as I started up the application (including within a ComponentAttachListener of the tabsheet), but that did not work, either.

What is the correct way to cancel the loading spinner on an empty tabsheet?

Sounds like a bug. Would you care to file a ticket at Jouni also pointed out that you can remove the loading indicator with CSS if you want.

.v-tabsheet-loading .v-tabsheet-deco {
  display: none;

Filed ticket