Can Youtube player play videos from my desktop or any other extrernal ?

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I have a doubt regarding you tube player. Can a youtube player play video’s from other external resource other than you tube.Can it play videos from my system.

If not please suggest me what I have to use for my requirement.

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can any one reply please

Guys please I am waiting for the reply


No, I’d assume not. Looking at the plugin’s page, it seems that it uses the YouTube API. The YouTube API and YouTube player only play videos on YouTube. I suspect that the name of the API and the add-on reflects that.

There is no already-existing add-on for you to be able to play videos from other sources. For cross browser-compatability, I think you might want to investigate using the
SWF Object
add-on, and - assuming that you can use GPL licensed code -
. If GPL is out, you might want to look at using
the JW Player
which can be used on non-commercial sites for free, or another Flash player. It seems that you’ll have license a flash player for use on a commercial site.

If the videos are in mp4 format and you can exclude IE8 & IE9, you could probably code for HTML5 video. In fact, try
which looks like it might cover both bases.

FWIW, I have not worked with any of these things; this research took just 10 mins using Google.