Can Vaadin 7 Combobox be used in Vaadin 6??

Hi there,

Is there any possibility to use Vaadin 7 ComboBox component in Vaadin 6 portlets??

Many thanks in advance


Didn’t tried it out, But I think it’s pretty unlikely to work just because of classloader-problems.

Why? Was there some bug that was fixed in Vaadin 7, or does the functionality differ in some respect in Vaadin 7? I have to admit, I haven’t looked closely enough to know.

Hi Jouni,

In Vaadin 6 , Combobox , Its going to the server every time to fetch the data. In low bandwidth n/w slow rendering makes it the UI very ugly.

In my case, I just want to load the items (10 or 20 items ) to it only once when I focus on it for the first time and remove the listener itself after that . My assumption was ,— “I loaded the data to it and its done. It will not hit to the server again”. But whenever I do focus on it. Its always going to the server. I am looking for NativeSelect kind of … . Unfortunately NativeSelect does not have focus listener.

I have been googling a lot and found this link -

So I am trying to try out Vaadin 7 ComboBox hoping any performance improvements. Thats it.

You suggest me the best approach.


NativeSelect should support a FocusListener, but wow, you’re right, the current API doesn’t have that.

And sure enough, there’s an outstanding ticket about this issue already, 22 months old. Might be time it got fixed. So go vote for the ticket:
#6847: NativeSelect: support for focus and blur listeners