Can Vaadin 7 Client components be used in pure GWT app ?


I am a Vaadin 6 developer and a GWT developer.

I would like to know if I can use Vaadin 7 UI client components in a GWT application.

  1. For example can I change the GWT components for Button ,TextBox and Label to Vaadin 7 client components ?
  2. Can I use RootPanel.get( ?
  3. What should my HTML code look like ? i.e. what CSS’s etc must I include ?


code from :

final Button sendButton = new Button( messages.sendButton() );
final TextBox nameField = new TextBox();
nameField.setText( messages.nameField() );
final Label errorLabel = new Label();

// We can add style names to widgets

// Add the nameField and sendButton to the RootPanel
// Use RootPanel.get() to get the entire body element

// Focus the cursor on the name field when the app loads


Not 100% sure but I’d say, not yet. Vaadin 6 had a client side model where GWT code wasn’t separated from Vaadin code. However, almost all widgets uses the legacy style of Vaadin 6 still, and they will be rewritten down the road in the minor versions. Today, as far as I know, only Button and Label has been rewritten with the new API. A table rewrite is however coming in 7.1 or 7.2 so that might lead to being able to use it without Vaadin as a whole, and the rest will surely follow.

Of course you can always migrate the widgets yourself to Vaadin 7 style separation of Connector and Widget, but that might require quite a lot of effort.