Can Tooltips contain a vaadin-component?


I would like to display a Vaadin-Component as tooltip for another Vaadin-Component.

Is there a simple way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance, Andreas


Try PopupView component.



unfortunately the component PopupView is not appropriate for my use case.

PopupView displays a String as a Link. When the User clicks on the link an Overlay with a specified Component is opened.

But i need to display a complex vaadin component. When the mouse hovers over the component, a tooltip containing another vaadin-component, must be displayed.

Thanks in advance, Andreas

Perhaps you could make the HTML string not show to the user and explicitly call setPopupVisible(true) from some other listener - although hooking into the hover/tooltip mechanism probably isn’t easy, but e.g. a click listener on another component might work.


i guess there is currenty no common way to implement what i need. However i accompished it by overriding the class com.vaadin.client.VTooltip.

My new class is a component container that holds the tooltip-components and knows which tooltip belongs to which ui-area.

When the vaadin-core triggeres the tooltip i show the related component in an overlay.

However this solution is really kind of ugly. What is needed is the possibility to plug a custom tooltip-handler in a clean way into the application.

The source code of class com.vaadin.client.VTooltip states “Todo: Open for extension”.

Anyone has more information whether this is still to come?

Best Regards, Many thanks in advance, Andreas

I believe improvements to make tooltips more open and flexible will come (and are partly related to other client side improvements to come) but it might take time before we get to this.

Hey guys,

Any news about it?
Do we already have more flexible ways to build tooltip windows in current version of Vaadin? I have just updated to 7.3.2 and did not find anything by now … do you guys know any add-on covering this already? Or the only solution is trying to start customizing VTooltip by our own?