Can not subscribe to forum

I have been trying to subscribe to General Help forum, I click on the Action button and select Subscribe and the subscribed forum does appear in my forums list, but after a while it disappears and I don’t get any messages from the forum.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you


I don’t think so. I have problems logging in since a week or more. Chrome and firefox don’t show the login page. IE works. There is also a problem with the password memorizing functionality. It doesn’t work.

How come nobody from Vaadin is responding to this message?

I can not subscribe to any forums!

I alerted our webmaster, and he’ll look at this at monday morning.

Hi all,

unfortunately the forum subscription feature is currently broken because of a bug in the Message Boards portlet we are using. The issue has been reported to Liferay and hopefully will be fixed in future releases.

In the mean time I will look for a workaround on the problem, but cannot give any promises on that at this point.

Thank You

It’s not a big issue just as long as it will be addressed at sometime.


I was just about to report the same problem to find out it’s already discussed here.

Thread subscription with e-mail notification was great feature. Wish it would return rather sooner than later, fingers crossed. :vader:


Ha it seems like LIFERAY rolled out a fix already around July 12th. Ring ring.

I would also appreciate it if this issue were fixed. Email notification is useful to me.

Same here :slight_smile:

Is the underlying problem fixed? Because it’s really a killer if you want to follow-up what is going on the forum, really.

Unfortunately not. At this point we’re basically waiting for the next release of the Liferay portal that should contain a fix for the issue.

So this is the reason. I thought I was doing something wrong.
Moreover It’s been more than 4 months since this issue has been reported on this forum (6/10/11).

I think e-mail notification is really essential for any forum. And It’s really a turn-off for someone who just getting started on Vaadin.
Do you think you can put a patch for this issue instead of waiting for the next release of Lifreray portal?

Is there anything we can do to help speed up the fix?