Can not compile theme using 7.6.x versions (works with 7.5.10)


when trying to compile our variation of valo theme (my-valo-theme) using 7.6.X versions of the framework we get a “Compiling theme my-valo-theme failed after 4495 ms” error.

The exact same code compiles fine (theme-wise) when using version 7.5.10.

Anyone know what we are supposed to do to figure out what causes the error (like verbose logging or something cause the error message is very vague).


I had a similar problem.
Since 7.6 the SCSS compiler is more strict, so likely you have an error in your theme.SCSS file.
As you said the error messages are not helpful to identify the errors, maybe you can try another SCSS compiler (there are online compilers too).


I figured it out (without an error log or something, I just started from scratch and started rebuilding the theme to see when it will fail for the first time. There should be a way to have more info and avoid this.

in our styles.scss we had

.my-valo-theme {
@include my-valo-theme;
@include dashboard;
@include fonts;

the fonts.scss file existed however all its stuff was not included in a

@mixin fonts {


in order to be defined by name and be accessible to other scss files.