Can I use Vaadin in complex layouts?


I’m making a new project and I’m thinking whether I should use Vaadin or not - basically I have a complex layout and I’d have to reconstruct it in Vaadin - preferably using some kind of templates, like in JSP/JSF. In addition to this I have to be able to use Vaadin controls with my own CSS, and add to them my own classes. Can I use Vaadin for this? How would I do that? I’ve read the Book Of Vaadin and I didn’t find a clear answer to my question.


Funny, I answered yesterday a question formulated almost like your… (
vaadin can achieve complex page layout? - Forum -

I think that for fully controllable layout, you can use the CustomLayout: you can define an HTML file with placeholders which will be replaced with Vaadin widgets.
See the
Custom layout }Vaadin Sampler
for a demo. But the link to the HTML file is broken. I found it in the sources of the demo.