Can i get access to TextField of ComboBox ?

I need to react to changes of text, that is written in combobox input field.

The ValueChange of ComboBox ist reacting to selecting an Item, but i must make different Actions depending on what text is written into the Combobox.

MY endpoint is to change the sorting. Not the Filtering ! Custom Filtering is easy.

I can achieve the sorting by using reflections and combining it with filtering (Field = currentFilterText), my question is, can i somehow do it without reflextions ?

example, i have 3 Items, they have ID and description;

Item item1 = new Item(11L, "131311"); 
Item item2 = new Item(12L,  "13111213");
Item item3 = new Item(13L,  "111213"); 

box.setItemCaptionGenerator(i -> i.getId() + ":" + i.getDescription());

now when i write “13” into the Field, i want the item with the ID 13 to be sortet at the top.(Current Behavior = item1 will be selected)
If there is no item with exact ID, behave normal.

It is simplistic example, in real aplication i want to recognise what Type of date was written and sort depending on input. It could be name, article number, or other internal formats.

I believe that is not currently a very well supported scenario. I thought of one other possible way of achieving the effect, creating a [lazy filtered dataprovider]
( that creates (and orders) the dataset based on the filter. I haven’t tried it in practice, though, but it could work.


Sadly we havent implemented lazy loading functionality to our Services yet (we are using myBatis instead of JPA in this project).

i just tryed the ReflectionWay, it works, altough it looks like a hack to me :confused:

i give the ComboBox as parameter and also a BiPredicate, to detect an exact fit.


Code :

You don’t actually need lazy loading for your services to use a lazy DataProvider, you can just create a quick mock backend. But that would be more or less on the same hackiness level as your reflection solution - which seems to work ok to me :slight_smile:

Yeah it is working but it does not feel right :confused: And it will crash, as soon as Vaadin will change the Name or Type of the Field :slight_smile:

I gues i have to make my own ComboBox to get what i want :slight_smile:

Well, there goes my Weekend :smiley: