Calling vaadin application behind proxy cause styles download problem.

Hello all ,

There is strange problem reported by our customer. If he tries to open UI from his client PC which is behind proxy , he see the page which is looks like some css files are missing ( no buttons, no layers, etc)

What we did during our analysis :

  1. We also tested this UI from our own proxy server and without proxy - everything works fine. After that we start using customer’s proxy server to understand to problem.

  2. We are using apache mod_proxy for accessing app. server, my another thought was that mod_proxy may work incorrectly. I’ve disabled apache at all and put app. server to 80 port, but this also did not help.

  3. It seems that some theme’s style.css were not loaded correctly , we also saw that apache returns 304 code for styles.css request. We thought that the proxy may cache this file incorrectly , tried to modify it manually and reload page. It helped for one time, after application restart the problem appeared again.

We are Using apache tomcat 6.0.20 as app, server with the latest vaadin release ( 6.6. )