calling a vaddin method using jquery


plz help me …
i need to call a method in my vaadin custom component from jquery
actually i got a value in jquery i need to pass that value to vaadin method and then save into database …
plz help me
thank u very very much for any advises…


HI Hemanthkumar Dadi

I think one way to solve your issue is to create your own Servlet. You can pass your value through the request and in the servlet you can call your vaadin method.


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thank u very much E. Yildiz …
its working thanku


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i got it but now i need to add a value (which is return by my vaadin method ) to jquery…
plz help me



to execute Javascript code you can use this [code]


Because I dont know in which environment you need the Javascript call, it is maybe better to create your own client-side Widget. Or if you are using Vaadin 7 there will be a better possibility through the new API.