Calling a JBoss 7 session bean

I would like to call a stateless session bean out of a Vaadin component. I usually call the ejb with the following statements:

Properties p = new Properties();
p.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, “remote://cvmuc055:4447/”);
p.put(InitialContext.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, “hkirschner”);
p.put(InitialContext.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, “Faktor10!”);

ctx = new javax.naming.InitialContext(p);
String connectString = “ejb:/” + moduleName + “//” + beanImplementationName + “!” + RemoteBeanClassname;
LandQueryRemote _LandSession = (LandQueryRemote) ctx.lookup( connectString );

My problem is that I get an error message saying that the name of the session bean could not be found. My question is, how do I set up the correct InitialContext and what string do I have to use (connectString) to look up the ejb? The string that I mentioned works fine in other projects.

thank you for your help.


I also noticed that I can not instanciate use the following property

java.naming.factory.initial = org.jboss.naming.remote.client.InitialContextFactory

because I will get an exception: Failed instantiate InitialContextFactory org.jboss.naming.remote.client.InitialContextFactory.