Call for beta testers: Try Vaadin Copilot Now! (again)


Please consider trying out Vaadin Copilot during the Beta phase!

We’ve just made some updates, so now is an excellent time to (re)try.

  1. Get a 24.4 project with a Hilla view from
  2. Run the project
  3. Click }> in the bottom right

As a reminder, Vaadin Copilot is both an AI-powered assistant and a drag & drop UI editor, and edits your code directly – no special design file.

Here is a 2 minute summary of what you can expect:

Some additional notes

  • If you’re a Flow user, consider trying the Hilla version anyway; we’re actively working on Flow support, and early feedback about Copilot as a whole would be appreciated.
  • You will be asked to log in to and have an active subscription or trial. The trial options are quite generous, but if you’re still reluctant to start during the beta I can promise to reset it afterwards :-)
  • Copilot will get its own $25 plan, but all other plans will also include it.

We have a backlog for the beta period, Flow support, and beyond – help us prioritize and discover additional improvements by giving early feedback!



Hey Marc,
I tried copilot using the current beta3 version and it works quite well. I tried a few things you showed in the town hall meeting and can confirm they worked as expected :+1:

In addition to that I tried a few more prompts:

  • “Change the theme to dark” :white_check_mark:
  • “Change the icon of the menu item to be a light bulb” :white_check_mark:

Here are a few use cases (or prompts) I would like to use Copilot for:

  • Add a dependency for spring-boot-starter-data-jpa to my project.
  • Add a POJO called Foo with the following fields in the package com.example.application.entities to my project: id, name, email.
  • Add a Spring Data JPA repository for my entity Foo to my project.
  • Add a BrowserCallable for my entity Foo to my project.
  • Add a new view called FooView to my project.
  • Insert a AutoCrud component into my FooView using FooModel and FooService.

It would be nice, to be able to use Copilot for those kind of things. I can image, that it is quite difficult to extend Copilot to support this kind of full stack tasks.

One last thing I would like to highlight: Thank you, for making me a Vaadin employee :heart_eyes:


Welcome to the team Rene!

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