Calendar handler count event in month view


I have customized the calendar in order to reduce its size, all works fine but I have a problem when there are many events in one day, I need to disable the event asociated with the + numEvent, that is shown when I have multiple events, I need preserv the number of events that are schedule in one day, but disable its action, i mean the click over the + that expand a list of events.

Thank you for you help…

Hi, if I understood your problem correctly you want to show the “more events” text, but don’t want to clicking it to do anything?

This is a client-side functionality. The methods used in hiding and showing all the events are
. These are private functions, so you should either file a ticket for opening them up for overriding, or check out where they are called and override that.

(The ticket might be a good idea anyways, since the Calendar wasn’t designed for this kind of customizability)