Calendar fails on uneven start time and others

This can be tested in your calendar demo.
Select a timespan from calendar in week or day mode, edit the
start time
to be something else than xx:00 or xx:30, for example xx:05 and save.
After this you can’t access the event you just created, it always opens add new event popup.

If the end time is xx:25 it seems I can select the made event, so only start times cause this behaviour.

And then some other fails.
If the created event is short, like 15min, you can’t select it from the calendar. You can expand it and then select, but short event’s cant be selected for looking.

If you try to make an event at the end of day, from 11:30-12:00PM calendar gives to the popup times:
1/30/11 11:30 PM
1/31/11 12:00 AM

It then creates the event, but won’t show it. If you then make another event on the same day and
set it to
1/30/11 11:30 PM
1/31/11 01:00 AM
calendar jumps to 31:st day and when you return to 30:th the first event is there.

The current version of the calendar, there is also bug at day when daylight saving time changing occurred. Event’s length is calculated incorrectly if daylight saving time changes during the event.

I have noticed this bug as well. Is there a fix for it?