Calendar addon with CET and CEST (summer time): issue with timezone

the calendar addon seems to have problems handling week transitions when the date switches from CET to CEST in the same week (CET is Winter time and CEST is Summer time, during the switch the clock time is put forward by one hour in some countries).

Go to the
Calendar demo
, it should show the monthly view with: Locale → United States, English; Timezone → Default (UTC). Click on 19/03 and then on Week view. You’ll see the week starting from Sun 3/25/12.

  1. click the week forward button, you’ll go to the week starting on
    4/1/12 (this is fine);
  2. go back to the previous week (starting on Sun 3/25/12);
  3. change the Timezone to “Europe/Rome” and click again the week forward button, you are now seeing the week starting on

To me this looks like a bug; as I get the same behaviour in my code, am I missing anything in the addon configuration instead?

I can’t seem to reproduce the problem. I hope it doesn’t depend on the timezone/locale reported by the browser. I also tried using ?restartApplication to make sure that the app is in the initial state.

That is actually a bug in the demo (or somewhere else) that if you go from 3/19 to the weekly view, you end up in the next week which starts on 3/25…

The DST handling is so complex topic that I wouldn’t be amazed that there are problems.