Calendar Action Handler


Is there any way to add Actions to a CalendarEvent ?
The Vaadin book seems to answer positively but I can’t figure out how.
In the book, 16.7 :

In my case, the target is never an Event object…


I investigated a little more but I’m still stuck.
I replace my code by the
demo code
and right clic is still not handled on events.
I started the debug console to figure out what is going on, on client side. When I right-clic from an event, the console log : [quote]

NumberFormatException: For input string: “”


I use all last libraries available :

  • Vaadin 6.8.7
  • Vaadin calendar CVAL 1.2.2
  • GWT 2.5.0

Any idee ? Does anyone encounter the same problem ?



It smells like a bug to me, could you please file a report at
and specify Calendar add-on as the component? If you have a pro account you can then mark this for bugfix priority, otherwise we’ll fix it the next time the calendar project is on the table.


The ticket has been created